Kodály Conservatory (Athens) - Greek Kodály Institute * 30 years *

Kodály Conservatory  (Athens, Greece)
is a private music institution of international reputation. It is located in Halandri, a northern suburb of Athens, the capital of Greece.
It is hosted in an elegant building specially designed for its purpose. It was founded by Michalis Patseas and Valentinos Patrikidis was its first artistic director.
1989: Kodály Music School
1990: Kodály Conservatory

It is proudly named after the great Hungarian composer, musicologist and pedagogue Zoltán Kodály and it is under the auspices of Madame Sarolta Peczely - Kodály.


Kodály Conservatory hosts departments of classical and modern instrumental music (piano, guitar, strings and wind), of vocal music (opera, classical and modern singing), of music theory (from basic theory to composition), traditional music (Byzantine music, folk instruments) and Early Music. Specialized music pedagogues and famous soloists compose its faculty.

Kodály Conservatory put a special emphasis in the musical preparation of the young children, with 6 different classes of music (preschool to 4th grade) and providing teachers of music instruments specialized in young ages.

Greek Kodály Institute is a special department of the Conservatory offering professional training in Kodály’s Music Pedagogical Method and in Choir Conducting.


A separate department for Music Therapy and Special Education also functions at the Conservatory.

Kodály Conservatory provides Diplomas certified and recognized by the Greek state in every music specialty. It is one of the few conservatories in Greece which provides Choral Conducting Diploma.


It is proud of its musical ensemblesOrchestras, Mixed and  Children’s Choir.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music in Kecskemét and the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, the alumni of the Greek Kodály Conservatory have the opportunity to continue their studies in Hungary and to get Bachelor and Master in many musical subjects!

Greek is the official language of the Kodály Conservatory but lessons are also taught in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Hungarian.


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Michalis Patseas
Founder and Director


Kodály Conservatory - Greek Kodály Institute  [ODEIO KODÁLY ] is:

- a private institution offering complete professional and amateur music education,
   according to the Greek law,
   founded by the 32520 / 7-8-90 decree of the Ministry of Culture

- an Affiliated Institution of the International Kodály Society

- affiliated with the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music
    Ferenc Liszt University of Music, Hungary

- a member of the Greek National Board of Music (UNESCO)

- a member of the Greek Union of Private Music Education Institutions (ΕΝΙΑΜΕΙ)

- a founding member of the Hellenic Choirs Association